Interview with Professor Iveta Radičová

By Nikola Belakova [Oxford, Spring 2013]

MDCEE Research Assistant, Nikola Belakova, interviewed Professor Iveta Radičová as part of an MDCEE funded research project on media legislation in the CEE region.

Professor Radičová, an academic, politician and former Slovak Prime Minister (2010-2012) was a Visiting Fellow with the MDCEE project in the Spring of 2013.


It is undeniable that legislation influences journalism. It has been argued that in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) elites were sometimes unwilling to lose all the influence of the media and journalism. Hence, they adopted legislation that would pacify the media and grant them favourable publicity. As part of the MDCEE project, we would like to learn more about the processes of legislating the media through national Parliaments. We are interested in better understanding a number of issues, for instance, the main legislative battles concerning media legislation and the related positions of political and external actors. We would also like to investigate which actors initiate the legislation process, whether national Parliaments are active in the process and what is the role of the judiciary, the European Union and other external actors. Doing so will deepen our understanding of how legislation influences the quality of the media in CEE.

The full interview transcription is available here

The full report from the 'Legislative' project will be available shortly.