Media Legislation report

How national parliaments legislate the media in CEE:

The adoption and implementation of media legislation in the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia

A fieldwork report of the ERC-funded project on Media and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe 

By Nikola Belakova and Silvana Tarlea, Research Assistants, MDCEE Project


This report outlines the main findings of the fieldwork conducted in March 2013 as part of the Media and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe project (MDCEE) in the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia. Investigating the processes of legislating the media, the report is based on data gathered primarily from semi-structured interviews with local elites involved in various roles in the processes of adopting and implementing media legislation, as well as with experts in the field of media regulation. Secondary sources, particularly media coverage, legal databases, institutions’ websites and annual reports, as well as existing studies, were also used to complement and cross-check information provided by the interviewees, and to enable a more complex overview of the issues studied during the fieldwork.

The full report is available here