Jan Zielonka

Jan Zielonka (Professor of European Politics at the University of Oxford and Ralf Dahrendorf Professorial Fellow at St Antony’s College)Zielonka

Jan Zielonka is the project’s Principal Investigator. He has published numerous works in the field of international relations, comparative politics and the history of political ideas. His current work analyses Europe’s efforts to project power and spread norms in its external relations. He also tries to compare four contemporary empires: America, China, Europe and Russia. His books include:

  • Europe as Empire. The Nature of the Enlarged European Union (Oxford, 2006)
  • Europe Unbound: Enlarging and Reshaping the Boundaries of the European Union (London, 2002)
  • Democratic Consolidation in Eastern Europe, 2 vols (Oxford, 2001)
  • Explaining Euro-paralysis. Why Europe is Unable to Act in International Politics (Basingstoke, 1998)
  • Political Ideas in Contemporary Poland (Aldershot, 1989)

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