Peter Bajomi-Lazar

bajomi_lazar_4Peter Bajomi-Lazar (Senior Research Fellow, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford)

Peter Bajomi-Lazar  heads the project’s research on media policy (Pillar 2). He has a PhD on Media Freedom in Hungary from the Central European University, Budapest, and before joining the project was Professor of Communication at the Social Communication and Media Department of the Budapest Business School. Recent publications include:


  • Bajomi-Lázár, P. (2013). The Party Colonisation of the Media. The Case of Hungary. In East European Politics & Societies, vol. 27, no. 1, pp. 67–87.


  • Bajomi-Lázár, P. (2013). From Political Propaganda to Political Marketing. Changing Patterns of Political Communication in Central and Eastern Europe. In Media Transformations in the Post-Communist World, eds. Gross, P. and Jakubowicz, K.,  pp. 49–65 (Lanham, Boulder, New York, Toronto & Plymuth, UK: Lexington Books).


  • Bajomi-Lázár, P., Štětka, V. and Sükösd, M. (2012). Public Service Television in the European Union Countries: Old Issues, New Challenges in the ‘East’ and ‘West’. In Trends in Communication Policy Research, eds. N. Just & M. Puppis, pp. 355–380 (Bristol, UK and Chicago, US: Intellect Books & European Communication and Research Association).


He was awarded the Hungarian Pulitzer Memorial Award in 2002 and is the editor of the Hungarian media studies quarterly Mediakutato [The Media Researcher]

Detailed CV available here